Invitations for the next Oktoberfest party.

How to wear traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest costumes?

Traditional Dress Code for Oktoberfest or Tracht

As every year there will be Oktoberfest celebrations all around the world from the end of September to the middle of October. People will be drinking typical bavarian beer, eating pretzels and sausages. Identically important as the typical dishes is putting on the right outfit. Down below, we have come up with the most important dresscode Dos and Don’ts for your Oktoberfest party.

How to wear a Dirndl:

The Dirndl is the typical bavarian dress women like to wear attending the Oktoberfest in Munich. If you’re currently living in a country where there are no Dirndl dresses anywhere to be sold, you can easily purchase them online in all different styles and sizes. There, you should pay attention the style of the dress as it is supposed to show your personality. Furthermore, the length of the dress is important. A classic Dirndl will be as long as your ankle. This length is typically worn on festive occasions. Thigh-long Dirndl are quite popular as well. Young women usually wear Dirndl as long as their knee. A Dirndl should never be worn any shorter if a stylish look wants to be accomplished. Furthermore, the question of where to bind the bow of the apron. Is the bow tied in the front in the middle the wearer wants to point out her virginity. Therefore, young girls wear their bow in the middle. If the bow is being tied back in the middle, the wearer wants to indicate being a widow. The bow will be placed a lot more often in the front. If it is placed on the right side the woman is already taken. However, if the bow is placed on the left side the woman is still single and might be up for a little flirt.

How to wear leather pants:

Also the men should pay attention to the Oktoberfest dress code as leather pants are a must have. Paired with a trendy dress shirt with checks, stripes or plain you will look sharp. With suitable footwear, a brooch, calf warmers, suspenders, a pocket square or a nice hat your outfit will be perfected. Under no circumstances should one waive socks, and let suspenders hang down (Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing suspenders can easily pair his leather pants with a nice traditional belt). Undershirts, flip-flops and cheap traditional clothing made in China shouldn’t be worn either. Most importantly when attending an Oktoberfest party, you should be having fun. So, enjoy your Bavarian beer, your sausage or your pretzel.

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